Plum + Date + Rosemary
Plum + Date + Rosemary
Plum + Date + Rosemary

Plum + Date + Rosemary

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A rich blend of tart & botanical flavors to relax into. Made with ripe plums, naturally sweet dates, and fragrant rosemary, this Shrub delivers rich herbal complexity with a warm and balanced sweetness. Add to sparkling water for a bold mocktail or mix a cocktail with Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, Rum, Pisco or Sparkling Wine.

All Natural • Vegan • Gluten Free

Shrubwell drink mixers are hand made in small batches using a unique blend of ripe fruit, fresh botanicals, whole spices, and organic wood aged vinegars. Our shrub mixers are lightly sweet and feature bold fruit flavors, fresh botanical layers, with a tart & tangy finish.

Shrubwell is highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way!

  • 4 oz Bottles Make 4+ Drinks
  • 16 oz Bottles Make 16+ Drinks

How to Use Our Shrub Mixers

  • For a Cocktail:
    Mix 1 oz Shrub with 2 oz liquor + top with seltzer

  • For a Mocktail:
    Mix 1 oz Shrub with 6 oz seltzer

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