Shrubwell has been focused on sustainability since our founding in 2019, actively working to reduce our environmental impact, and always seeking out new ways to improve our efficiency and best practices. 

We exclusively utilize electric vehicles for all of our transportation needs, from weekly trips to farmers markets, bottling batches at our commercial kitchen, fresh produce and ingredient sourcing, wholesale deliveries, post office trips, and raw materials hauling.

We offset our electrical demand using electricity generated by our own photovoltaic solar power system, to ensure emissions free transportation and productivity. Mounted above our offices, our dedicated solar panels maximize the abundant Arizona sunshine to quietly send renewable energy back to the grid for later use, day after day.

We source locally grown ingredients whenever possible, working personally with local growers and family farms for Arizona grown fruits and herbs. We also support small local businesses when sourcing our bottles, boxes, printed pamphlets and packaging, and we are a proud member of Local First Arizona.

We compost all of our food and paper waste from our commercial kitchen during our bottling process, partnering with a local composting company Recycled City to turn food waste back into farmland. Their collective compost waste helps return nutrients back to the soil, which is then used to grow fresh, local, chemical-free produce right here in Arizona.

We carefully sort and recycle all of our cardboard, glass, and plastic waste through local services. Our bottles are made of 100% recycled glass, and can be further recycled at home, to help reduce demand for new materials. We accept bottle returns at local markets and encourage customers to find new ways to reuse their bottles after Shrubwell.