About Us

Shrubwell is the creation of Courtney + Chris Marks. We’re both huge food nerds, food and beverage is a big part of our lives and we've been lucky to explore the world through our stomachs. Whether traveling abroad or exploring our Phoenix Valley, we're always seeking out good food! We've made a lot of amazing discoveries along the way, and are super excited to be contributing something we love into the food world.

We make our shrub mixers by hand in small batches using a unique blend of ripe fruits, fresh botanicals, whole spices and organic aged vinegars for a modern take on this historic beverage. Our drink mixers are well-balanced, lightly sweet and highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Simply add to seltzer or liquor for a tart, lightly sweet, fruity, bitter and botanical beverage.

We created Shrubwell because we wanted to introduce an inclusive, well-balanced and delicious mixer that would bring people together to enjoy a curious new drink and start a conversation, with or without alcohol.

A drink for everyone!