Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Shrub?

A fruit and botanical based syrup preserved with vinegars for a multidimensional flavor that is tart, fruity, herbal and sweet. Simply dilute to enjoy!

How Are Shrubs Used?

There are endless possibilities, just mix them up!

Combine 1 oz Shrub with:

    • Sodas: 5 oz Seltzer Water
    • Teas: 6 oz Unsweetened Iced Tea
    • Mimosas: 5 oz Champagne or Bubbly
    • Cocktails: 2 oz Spirit + Splash of Seltzer

What is the Shelf Life?

Our Shrubs will keep for an entire year unopened and unrefrigerated. The “best by” date is stamped on the bottom of bottle.

Do Shrubs Need To Be Refrigerated?

Our shrubs do not need to be refrigerated until opened. Once opened, we recommend keeping them in the fridge.

Do Your Products Have Nutritional Info?

Yes, the nutrition breakdown is listed on each bottle. Our shrubs are all-natural, gluten-free, dairy-free and made with no artificial preservatives. All flavors are vegan with the exception of Watermelon + Fennel + Lime, which uses honey as a sweetener.

Where Can I Find Shrubwell Shrubs?

Find us at a local Arizona Farmers Market near you, in select coffee shops and restaurants around the valley, and in boutique stores offering craft goods. For a full list of locations and our event calendar, use the Locations link in the menu.

Do You Ship Your Shrubs?

We will begin shipping in the coming weeks, sign up for our newsletter to be notified when online sales begin!

Do You Offer Wholesale Pricing To Businesses?

We are always looking for new wholesale partnerships. We offer wholesale pricing for businesses partners to sell our shrubs as a packaged retail product in store, or for use in mixed beverages at coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. We are always looking for new wholesale partners, reach out and tell us a little about your business at